Clickjacker, exploit click jacking easily

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Advanced panel:
Iframe Height Width
Container Height Width
Social engineering Top Left
Iframe opacity (0 till 100)
Auto update iframe's Height / Width
Auto update the opacity at the exploitation link
1. Insert the URL that you want to cause the user to click on it, or steal from it information
2. Choose the exploit type (read information from the page and send it to you, or cause him to click on a part of the page)
Exploit type: Click Read
3. Navigate the frame until the interested point will be at the left-top corner
Top: Left:
4. Navigate the frame's container to the appropriate place
Top: Left: )
5. If you choose the "read" type exploit, this is the time to cover the unnecessary parts
Cover around
Left: Top: Right: Bottom:
6. Send the following link to the victim (This link will updated automatically with your configuration

Load clickjacking exploitation code via JS:

Clickjacking exploitation code (updated automatically):